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The Grand Dark Conspiracy is about exploration of truth, finding it in alternative views and people who are brave enough to ask questions that most will not. We cover a wide array of topics, from History to UFOs to Alternative Medicine to Conspiracies to Ghosts to anything on the fringes of accepted reality. We attempt to shine a light in the darkness to uncover the truth often hidden from us.

Its our guests that drive the show and truly sets us apart from other programs. From the legends to the new upstarts challenging the conventions, the Grand Dark Conspiracy has played host to them all. Guests from every possible facet of life, from the executive producer of A&E Bio channel’s, “My Ghost Story” to the local Paranormal investigation teams to big screen film makers to Alternative Health Providers to People who overcome to inspire, they have all been on the Grand Dark Conspiracy.

We are live five days a week on WQTT 1270 AM, streaming online at QT1270.com or on the TUNEIN App. You can also, join the chatroom and listen live at www.GrandDarkConspiracy.com/live.html. The show is available for download on iTunes as well.



A Welshman with an English accent and a French wife, Geoff Holder likes dogs, cats, museums and music with rocks in, and despises cigarettes and mayonnaise. When not writing about poltergeistsdemonology or murders, he can be found walking the dog in the peaceful countryside, and reading bande dessinées. Moving from Scotland to sunny France hasn’t made him any less grumpy, but that’s life when you’re a curmudgeonly old git.

Geoff has written 30 non-fiction books on the paranormal, the peculiar, the Gothic and the gruesome, from “The Jacobites and the Supernatural” and “101 Things to Do with a Stone Circle” to “Scottish Bodysnatchers” and nine titles in “The Guide to the Mysterious…” series, covering everywhere from the Lake District and Loch Ness to Glasgow and Aberdeen. Plus, there are books on hauntingsthe paranormal‘bloody history’ – you know, the good stuff. He once won a posh literary award by writing about H.P. Lovecraft, and his latest book is called “Zombies From History”. One of the images below is from the inside cover. We’re not sure which.

His work encompasses folklore, archaeology, local history, parapsychology, ghosts, Forteana,neo-antiquarianism and witchcraft, with a side order of gargoyles and graveyards. He has had over thirty jobs – once lasting an entire morning in a slaughterhouse – and, in a previous life, won numerous awards as a video producer. He continues to write video scripts for a wide variety of corporate and government clients and proof-read other people’s books, and is currently shadow-boxing with his first novel.

Geoff Holder's Works

Bloody British History

Black Death to the Blitz, in one bloody volume

Britain has an incredible history, steeped in all manner of blood, death, disease, and horror. This amazing collection explores it all, including Vikings, Saxons, Normans, and Picts; attacks, battles, sieges, and assaults; dozens of dreadful royal deaths, disease, and disasters; and terrifying true stories of pestilence and the plague. Not to mention executions, revolts, executions, and more—all richly illustrated in full color.

Zombies from History

Full details of where to find, and how to kill, all of Britain's most historic zombies—a guide for history lovers to get the most out of the zombie apocalypse

Are you worried about the zombie apocalypse? Clasp a copy of this book and make sure to secure yourself a better class of horrible death from one of Britain's best-loved historical legends. Sixty fact files offer full zombie-hunting details, including the locations of tombs, any wounds or weaknesses, and a carefully calculated difficulty rating. High profile targets include Jane Austen, Henry VIII, Richard III, and William Shakespeare. Other exciting targets include those with flesh-eating diseases, people who were buried alive, and some resurrected royal corpses. No apocalyptic history lover should leave home without this guide