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The Grand Dark Conspiracy is about exploration of truth, finding it in alternative views and people who are brave enough to ask questions that most will not. We cover a wide array of topics, from History to UFOs to Alternative Medicine to Conspiracies to Ghosts to anything on the fringes of accepted reality. We attempt to shine a light in the darkness to uncover the truth often hidden from us.

Its our guests that drive the show and truly sets us apart from other programs. From the legends to the new upstarts challenging the conventions, the Grand Dark Conspiracy has played host to them all. Guests from every possible facet of life, from the executive producer of A&E Bio channel’s, “My Ghost Story” to the local Paranormal investigation teams to big screen film makers to Alternative Health Providers to People who overcome to inspire, they have all been on the Grand Dark Conspiracy.

We are live five days a week on WQTT 1270 AM, streaming online at QT1270.com or on the TUNEIN App. You can also, join the chatroom and listen live at www.GrandDarkConspiracy.com/live.html. The show is available for download on iTunes as well.


Susan GuySusan Guy

Susan M. Guy was born and raised in Jefferson County, Ohio.  Following in the footsteps of her father, retired Wintersville Police Captain, Robert “Red” Nottingham, Susan was a Cross Creek Township Police Officer for fifteen years, earning the rank of sergeant.  Since 1994, she has been employed by the state of Ohio as a correctional officer.

Susan’s hobbies include genealogy and writing, which she often combines to tell the stories of persons long passed, believing that everyone deserves to be remembered.  She was inducted into the Fort Steuben Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution in 2009, and serves as public relations director for the Tri State Writers Society, a local writers’ group.  She credits the group and its founder, local author, Karina Garrison, for asking her to write a short story assignment on prostitution in Steubenville’s Water Street red-light district.  The story took on a life of its own as the urge to dig for more and more information took over.  The result became this book, Mobsters, Madams and Murder in Steubenville, Ohio, (The Story of Little Chicago).

Susan Guy's Works

Mobsters, Madams & Murder in Steubenville, Ohio:
The Story of Little Chicago (True Crime)

Gambling, prostitution and bootlegging have been going on in Steubenville for well over one hundred years. Its Water Street red-light district drew men from hundreds of miles away, as well as underage runaways. The white slave trade was rampant, and along with all the vice crimes, murders became a weekly occurrence. Law enforcement seemed to turn a blind eye, and cries of political corruption were heard in the state capital. This scenario replayed itself over and over again during the past century as mobsters and madams ruled and murders plagued the city and county at an alarming rate. Newspapers nationwide would come to nickname this mecca of murder "Little Chicago."

Pauli HalsteadPauli Halstead

Pauli Halstead began her culinary career in 1973 at a tiny vegetarian restaurant, Ma Goodness, in Berkeley, California.  In 1975, she put her name on the window of Pauli’s Café at the corner of Fillmore and Washington Streets in San Francisco.  Pauli’s was one of those wonderful neighborhood restaurants for which San Francisco is famous, and it soon became the place to have a delicious  week-end brunch  and read The San Francisco Chronicle.

Pauli Halstead's Works

Primal Cuisine: Cooking for the Paleo Diet

More than just a cookbook, Pauli Halstead has written a book that is a compendium to Primal Body-Primal Mind, by Nora Gedgaudas, which explains why the primal diet of our ancestors is the most successful from an evolutionary standpoint and the diet that we will thrive on today. Eliminating grains and focusing on protein and good fats is key to the paleo diet. The delicious recipes in Primal Cuisine will help anyone with dietary issues such as obesity, diabetes, celiac disease (hypersensitivity to gluten) hypoglycemia, ADD/HD, and many forms of depression. To turn the tide of the illnesses which are the result of the Western diet and take responsibility for our own health we must change the way we eat.

The delicious recipes in this book are grain free, gluten-free, sugar free, refined-free, chemical, antibiotic and hormone-free.

Among the topics included in this book:
*How to successfully minimize carbohydrates
*Optimum daily protein requirements
*The best oils and fats which improve nutrition
*Key ingredients for health and where to purchase them
*Which foods to avoid
*Saving money by eating sustainably
*Why eating sustainably is kinder to the planet

My goal in writing this book on the paleo diet is to create enthusiasm and interest with the recipes so that achieving greater health for ourselves and our families is something that brings joy into daily life. The foods we choose to eat, (and not eat), have everything to do with our health. We can lead a life that is symptom free and full of vibrant energy.   

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