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Debi Chestnut

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Sandra Gurvis

Bill Sweet

with Daniel Bautz
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The Grand Dark Conspiracy is about exploration of truth, finding it in alternative views and people who are brave enough to ask questions that most will not. We cover a wide array of topics, from History to UFOs to Alternative Medicine to Conspiracies to Ghosts to anything on the fringes of accepted reality. We attempt to shine a light in the darkness to uncover the truth often hidden from us.

Its our guests that drive the show and truly sets us apart from other programs. From the legends to the new upstarts challenging the conventions, the Grand Dark Conspiracy has played host to them all. Guests from every possible facet of life, from the executive producer of A&E Bio channel’s, “My Ghost Story” to the local Paranormal investigation teams to big screen film makers to Alternative Health Providers to People who overcome to inspire, they have all been on the Grand Dark Conspiracy.

We are live five days a week on WQTT 1270 AM, streaming online at QT1270.com or on the TUNEIN App. You can also, join the chatroom and listen live at www.GrandDarkConspiracy.com/live.html. The show is available for download on iTunes as well.


Bill SweetBill Sweet

Bill Sweet has always been interested in how consciousness and prayer relate to science and religion. A natural connection between like-thinking people resulted in his involvement in the research of prayer and consciousness at Spindrift. Bill became a president of Spindrift, Inc.

Brought up on the North Shore of Chicago, Bill graduated from New Trier High School and Illinois State University with a major in communications. He founded and was president of an entertainment booking agency in Chicagoland. Bill's avocations include being an investor, an audiophile, and a ham radio operator. He resides in Mount Prospect, Illinois.

Bill Sweet's Works

A Journey Into Prayer:
Pioneers of Prayer in the Laboratory:
Agents of Science or Satan?

Prayer is a constant mental input into our world. Do we pray for what we need or what we want? Do we pray to heal or to hurt? Healers pray. Terrorists pray. Motivations for prayer are investigated by the Spindrift researchers. One discovery was that non goal-directed prayer--"Thy will be done"--produced different test results than goal-directed prayer. A Journey Into Prayer explores the struggles, triumphs, and persecutions of two spiritual healers, Bruce and John Klingbeil, who developed scientific laboratory tests to validate the effectiveness of prayer. This father and son team added to the centuries old anecdotal evidence the modern day standard of proof demanded by science and medicine. Spindrift translated some spiritual experiences and religious language into the scientific language and experiments of our times. Spindrift ignited spiritual dynamite. Author Bill Sweet weaves with a rare sense of humor this Spindrift adventure and the outrage it sparked. "The name Spindrift is synonymous with what at first seems an oxymoron--the scientific study of prayer. This group's ground-breaking work, which has been part of an enormous shift in consciousness, was brought forth at great personal cost--the apparent suicides of the father-son research team. Bill Sweet's meticulous account reads like a mystery--one that may never be solved. But regardless of the tragedy, the Spindrift research is an important part of the bridge between science and Spirit. May all the good these researchers have done return to them as an enduring blessing of peace."